Sunday, May 21, 2017

Different Directions

Top left: Harry Styles' album cover.
Top right: Niall Horan's "Slow Hands" cover
Bottom left: Liam Payne's single cover
Bottom right: Louis Tomlinson's solo cover
        If you know me at all, then you know just how much I love One Direction . . . especially when they were still together as a boy band. For a little over a year, the members (Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, just in case you didn’t know) have gone in their own direction (HAHA, get it?). But that hasn’t stopped me from being one of their biggest fans. So, I’m taking this blog post to talk about and share my opinion on all of their new music. And because I’m me, I’m going to write about them from youngest to oldest, just in case they happen to see this and think I’m playing favorites (But that Harry Styles, though. What a babe!).

            Harry Styles
            Okay, being the only member of 1D to have an entire album out, I just want to take a second and thank him for gracing us all with his angelic voice and his beautiful lyrics once again. Also, I just love how every song is different. Meaning, a nice mixture of rock and pop. It truly fits his voice. Since it came out on May 12th, I think I’ve listened to the entire album over seventy-five times. Yeah, I’m that person. I might claim that I love ALL of the songs, but I’m a human and I have my favorites.
  1.       “Ever Since New York” is probably my favorite, I’m not going to lie. There is just something about this song that pulls me in every time it plays on my phone. I’ve found myself singing it at random times throughout the day, also. Maybe I do have a problem?
  2.       “Two Ghosts” is just beautiful. I honestly can’t think of a better word than “beautiful.” Whether this song is actually about Tay Swizzle (EW) or not, everything about this song screams Harry Styles. It’s sweet and light and just an all-around amazing song.
  3.      “Sweet Creature” just makes me so happy. Now, I’m not sure why H. Styles is calling this person a “sweet creature” instead of something like “sweet woman” or “sweet man” but I totally dig it. And I totally dig the song and loving someone so much that, no matter what happens, “sweet creature, wherever I go, you bring me home.”
  4.   And, finally “Sign of the Times.” When I first heard this song, I was like “why is it so flipping long?!” but then I understood. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the high notes he hits in the song, I just love the meaning behind it. Styles said in a recent interview that the song is about everything that’s been happening in world. More specifically, Brexit and Trump.

Those four songs are my personal favorites. But the whole album is amazing. Whether you LOVE One Direction and Harry or not, you should definitely listen to his album titled “Harry Styles.” The passion he has for music comes through in all the songs. It’s definitely worth a listen. 

Niall Horan
Being the first one of the members to release their first single, Niall baby, you are amazing. I just want to point out how far this Irish boy has come. When 1D first started, he didn’t have a lot of solos in the songs. But as the years went on and his voice got stronger, he was able to have more singing parts. And now, he has two solo singles out and I couldn’t be more proud of how far he’s come. Every time he announced when each of his singles would drop, I stayed up until midnight to download them, and then I would listen to them once or twice before going to bed. And I’ve been obsessed with them ever since.
  1. This Town,” which came out in September of 2016, is so Niall. In saying so, I just mean that it’s sweet and adorable just like him. And I know that’s a weird statement given that it’s a song about heartbreak, but the words he uses to describe everything he still wants to say to “her” or “him” is so cute. Is that the right word? I’m not sure, but it definitely works. And I can imagine how it feels to see “her” or “him” just by listening to his words. 
  2. “Slow Hands.” Two words; HOLY CRAP. Excuse me, but where did this Niall Horan come from? I mean, there were sexual songs on the last 1D album that he apparently helped write BUT WHAT THE HECK. And the fact that this song is categorized as “funk-pop” is amazingly beautiful, and 100% true. Every time I listen to it, I just groove. It’s so catchy, that even my sister has it downloaded on her phone. CRAZY.

All in all, the first two singles have completely blown my mind. And I cannot wait for the entire album to come out later this year. Why he’s making me wait so long, I have no idea. But from what I’ve heard from Niall so far, this album is going to be amazing. And I CANNOT wait to hear him perform these two songs LIVE this summer when he’s here in Indy.  Honestly, if you haven’t given these two songs a listen yet, you all probably should. They’re amazing.

Liam Payne
I just want to say a quick congratulations to this new father! Little Bear is going to be the cutest kid ever, I just know it. And I want to mention how amazing Liam is too. He’s been away from his newborn son to finish the single he just dropped with Quavo. I know that can’t be easy, but I’m so happy to have some new Payno music!

1. “Strip That Down” is everything that I pictured Liam would make outside of 1D. Speaking of 1D, I think I’m the only person who is not upset about one line in the song that goes “You know I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free.” I don’t take that as he’s happy to be in a hiatus from the band. I think he’s just happy to make the type of music he wants. Because everyone knows that a song like this would have never made it on a 1D album. Anyway, I digress. The song is so good, that once again, my sister has downloaded it on her phone. This song just works for Liam. I don’t exactly have the words for why, but just believe me. Would I steer you wrong?

This song is so good, I honestly can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeves. Maybe more collaborations? Maybe a song with another member of the Migos? Who knows, but I know that it will be good. And I’m happy to listen to anything he will make. Especially since I’ll be able to see him perform live this summer as well! Exciting times for this 1D fan!!

Louis Tomlinson
Being the second member to release a single, Lou, you are just as amazing as the rest of them. Especially since he released this song shortly after his mother passed away from Leukemia. He was able to perform his song with Steve Aoki on the X Factor and dedicated it to his mom. And, just like Niall, I know how far Louis has come. He didn’t get very many solos on the 1D albums at the start, but he clawed his way up just like Niall did and won the hearts of Directioners all over the world. On December 10th, 2016, he took the world by storm once again.

1. “Just Hold On” was rumored to have been written for his mom when she found out that she had cancer. Whether it was for her or not, it’s a great song for anyone that’s going through something difficult. A line in the chorus goes “if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on.” On top of that line that appears more than once, the music behind the words is so upbeat, thanks to the lovely Steve Aoki. I honestly don’t know how to describe this song other than perfect. Perfect for Louis. Perfect for everyone.

I don’t know if Louis plans on putting out an album anytime soon, but I think I can live with this one song for right now.  Anytime I find myself upset or in a weird mood, I turn to “Just Hold On.” Something about it makes me feel safe. Then again, anytime I listen to 1D, I feel safe.

If you’ve made it to this part of my post, I applaud you. And I want to thank you. I love sharing what I love with other people. I love Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson a lot more than I probably should, but I don’t care. And I’m definitely not ashamed of it, either. Actually, my heart is so full of happiness and pride, it might burst. Not only do they make great music, but they’re great human beings, and they definitely deserve to be bragged about. Anyway, listen to their music!! All four of them will blow your mind. If not, oh well. I’ll love them enough for all of us.